Rachel's meaning and motivation in life is family.  She started her career in Network Marketing with big ambitions and has gone on to achieve every goal she has set herself and in doing so has created some wonderful life long memories for herself, her husband and her 3 children. 

Her background is airline cabin crew, but she has been highly successful as a Network Marketer since 2013, paying off over £60,000 of debt in that time from the income she has generated from the Industry.

Rachel strives to make a difference and she loves to see others grow and being able to play a part in them helping to discover their purpose and true potential.

Rachel has what can only be described as an insane work ethic, but also understands the importance of balance, so in order to achieve this her time management has to be military.  She believes that by managing your time well you will always be able to give 100% to the task at hand.

Rachel enjoys the cinema, the theatre, time with friends, family days out, meals out and good wine!